Poetry Recording: The 2020 MLA Offsite Reading

The 2020 MLA Offsite Reading, which featured mostly poetry, occurred at Town Hall Seattle yesterday. There were many readers, and most of them read for 2 minutes or less. The event was broken into three parts, with three hosts. The recording, which I made happen with my new H6, is below. Audio is minimally edited, as usual, but at least complete. I have listed all of the poets along with the host. The event is added to my Recordings archive page as well.

Part 1 Recording

Host: Jeanne Heuving

Readers: Kazim Ali, Prageeta Sharma, Diana Arterian, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Woogee Bae, Quentin Baker, Amaranth Borsuk, Rebecca Brown, Amy Sara Carroll, Sarah Chavez, Ken Taylor, Richard Chiem, Kate Colby, Michael Cross, Zhang Er, C. R. Grimmer

Part 2 Recording

Host: Amaranth Borsuk

Readers: Stefania Heim, Rae Armantrout, Jeanne Heuving, Ted Hiebert, Ever Jones, Douglas Kearney, Larissa Lai, Donato Mancini, Natalie Martinez, Nadine Maestas, Sarah Mangold, Joe Milutis, Robert Mittenthal, Paul Nelson, Aldon Nielsen, Katelyn Opegard, Bob Perelman

Part 3 Recording

Host: Ted Hiebert

Readers: James Reed, Juan Carlos Reyes, Katie Schaag, Leonard Schwartz, Ada Smailbagovich, Danny Snelson, Ching-In Chen, Billie Swift, Monica de la Torre, Matthew Trease, Lesley Wheeler, Tyrone Williams, Deborah Woodard