Shadowscrawler: Notes for the Solstice

Here is an announcement for an upcoming reading in the dark at the Arboretum in Seattle. 9pm on 12/21/22, the Winter Solstice.

Poets featured include:

  • Justine Chan
  • Paul E Nelson
  • Eric M Acosta
  • Sky O’Brien
  • Sami Ridge
  • Aya Bram
  • Ricardo Ruiz
  • Greg Bem
  • More to be announced

The reading is free. It is occurring in the Winter Garden (findable via Google Maps), but we will meet in the visitor center lot around 8:45pm and walk over together.

Bring a flashlight, bring a headlamp, bring a heat source, bring waterproof clothing, bring a hot beverage, bring an umbrella, bring your notes.

If timing permits, we’ll open the reading up to all following the features.