Touchstones, a New Chapbook

touchstones by greg bem

Today is the day I release a new chapbook of poetry.Well, technically two chapbooks. I’ve just labored (literally, with my bare hands) over the physical creation of 20 copies of the two variations of this book. There’s the blue edition, which I’ve deemed “deluxe,” which  features more poems, and there is the gray edition, which I’ve deemed “economy,” which features less poems. In many ways, these poems (written in April) are more focused in the more chiseled gray edition. But if you’re a completionist and strive for a well-rounded/full-spectrum awareness, blue’s for you.

Email me if you’re interested in one of the very limited print copies, or see immediately below this line of text for links to the eBooks, which are also free, and will be for as long as I have anything to say about it.