Two New Birthday Poems for Ra’anan David and Jeanne Morel

The following poems I wrote for my two close South Seattle friends, who both share the same birth year.

This Side of Tech


For Ra’anan David, 58


“A half of pain, another, no

lasting trace, halfway

here. A half of joy.

Kinesis, cathexis.”


Paul Celan, Fathomsuns

“nor any kind of…” pg. 197


And as my phone sings sweet oblivion

(and as my phone sings sweet obli)




beached whale

transvestite in a coral-muted blue

something sequined



The throb of telemetry

(the throb of telecom)


A light before all others:

fathomable existence

held in the open, closed, palms


These are the cordons

(cords of the pants)


These are the platforms

(shoes for dancing, kicking, molesting)


Ache, ache

Yawn, yawn

Bright eye

before dim

before dawn


Kismet: chasm

Crimson: clamor


The way the hands

rest softly

upon the leather




Mouth of Quaking Americana


For Jeanne Morel, 58


This is not a chemical song

but a pitstop or roadpit




Air on the source of character

Err on executed fullness


The drain of the pools to make room


Concoction, provocation, rust

Lust among the dusted doorways


The word

was it meth

or moth?


Roaming streets of history

Wandering banks of memory

A solar-lit singing

Polarized singeing


Crisscross lamentation

and arrangements

of forwards and backwards


Cherry pit prism sink

The way these damned paths

Outline our demons

When seen from maps

or backwards, in dreams


A déjà vu

Cloak of the colloquial

It is rather

like a humming

This trick

Of time


It is rather


stumped amidst

the carpets linings

for art deco


for demolition


American is

so is

what isn’t