Two New Music Videos: Ellensburg and Ancient Lakes

Still shot from the video I created for Ancient Lakes

I have just finalized two incredibly strange audio tracks, accompanied/carried by two incredibly strange video tracks.

The first features footage recorded in Ellensburg, Washington–specifically the lovely Irene Rinehart Waterfront Park. I don’t really have an explanation for the audio (which is probably for the best, honestly). I will say that I did include the waterfall’s audio track last minute, which adds a certain bass/ambient effect to the otherwise crippling synths. You can watch the video on YouTube (or via the embed below) and you can listen to the audio on Bandcamp.

The second piece features footage from Ancient Lakes, an area I recently returned to after a couple of years when I camped there with some artist friends. The footage has been heavily manipulated but you may encounter some high desert water features and flora if you look carefully. I have also opted into using a visual noise effect, which ended up getting pixelated in the export (so I’m happy!). The audio was similarly created in Ableton, and features a previously-unused rain recording from the December trip to Friday Harbor Labs/San Juan Island. I decided to use some background panning for the first time in a track, which might become a new staple for me. You can watch the video on YouTube as well, and the audio is also available on Bandcamp.