Two new music videos for Coil

After twisting and turning my way through Coil’s discography, I decided I had to pay homage with a couple music videos. One is for “Going Up” and it’s full of footage from a trip to the Olympics this past summer.

After working on “Going Up,” I decided to make use of the large bodies of footage of water from the past year that have found miscellaneous digital dust collecting on them. Altogether they helped form the music video for the single-track album, “Queens of the Circulating Library,” which resonated with me the first time I heard it.

At 49 minutes long, it’s one of my largest abstract video projects to date, and one that also includes some narrative elements within the abstraction.

These follow up two other music videos I’ve created in the past, one for “Ex-American Blues” by Speaker Music:

And one for KMRU’s “drawing water,” created this past summer: