New Chapbook: Inumbration


After some time of debating whether or not I wanted this publication to be print-only, I’ve decided to release an e-version of it. Because why? Because it’s the 21st century, and this publication and collection is as much about the digital developments of place as it is about the physical.

Also, wider reach through digital publication. I’m including a direct link to the .PDF as hosted on my site, as well as this link which will take you to a publicly-accessible Google Drive .PDF file. All versions–print, website, and Drive, are the same. The benefits of the digital versions are, of course, the links within. I would also like to stress that the book is licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows for non-commercial manipulations of the work. I don’t expect anyone to do anything with the core text, but maybe they will. You never know how work speaks to people, living and working today, or in the future.


As mentioned in the book, my thanks go out to the Inumbrating Pinnacle readers, too, who inspired me to write the ten poems inside: Tanya Holtland, Libby Hsu, Arlo Smith, Cooper Smith, Thomas Walton, Paul Nelson, Graham Isaac, Jeanne Morel, Jeremy Springsteed, and Justine Chan. These poets, whether through spoken text or sung song, contributed dramatically to this conceptual project, and this ambient dialogue–my response to their works with my own–has been a unique and rewarding process. Additionally, this book is dedicated to Scherezade Siobhan, who has been supportive of me throughout the entire process, of both the organization of the series, and the creation of the book. You can download/view the chapbook below:

Inumbration (Final) (local host .PDF)

Inumbration (Final) (Google Drive .PDF)

Also, if anyone reading this is interested, I also have a limited supply of physical copies available. I am not setting a price on them, but I will take donations to offset the relevant materials/labor/shipping costs. Please send me an e-mail for more information on shipping and a PayPal link.